Not In Our House

Non-Equity Theatre Code of Conduct

DirectorsLabChicago is a proud participant in the Not In Our House pilot of the Chicago Theatre Standards (previously the Code of Conduct)

DirectorsLabChicago was proud to be in attendance for the Not In Our House community’s “Come Over to Our House: Say Hello to the Chicago Code of Conduct” event at Theater Wit on April 18, 2016. This was the culmination of a year’s work by NIOH and a collective of pilot theaters on the Chicago Theatre Standards. The CTS is now in a full-draft form and being piloted by more than a dozen Chicago companies. After the CTS is evaluated over the year, a more finalized version will be written and adopted throughout the Chicago area.

The initiative to create a set of standards for non-Equity theatres was born of artists and administrators at all levels of the Chicago theater community responding to sexual harassment, discrimination, violence, intimidation and bullying in our theaters.

The April event was attended by well over 100 Chicago theater movers, shakers and interested parties. Players and presenting program-pilots included Laura T. Fisher, Lori Myers, Molly Brennan and members of The Inconvenience, Jackalope Theatre, Oracle Productions, The Neo-Futurists, Steep Theatre, No Stakes, Underscore, WildClaw, The Gift, Stage Left, Kokandy Productions, the Factory Theater, R & D Choreography and Lifeline Theatre.

The various presenters explained different sections of the CCOC document and how they approached drafting it. Drinks and conversation were enjoyed by all, and DirectorsLabChicago has joined the pilot program as an artist-service organization. Keep an eye on this page for more details of how DLC plans to participate in the pilot. For more information, check out

Read the full text of the CTS here.