Day 28: Women playwrights and the language of gender parity

by | Aug 18, 2016

In 2014, Emma Weisberg was granted funding by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation for a project exploring gender parity in a series of conversations with women playwrights. She interviewed fourteen women and cataloged the project in a variety of ways: the full recorded conversations were uploaded to the Internet Archive, and the text was transcribed on Weisberg’s website devoted to the project.

Weisberg wrote a recap and analysis of the project over at HowlRound which is where we’d recommend you familiarize yourself with the project and its takeaways. But you’d be doing yourself a great disservice if you didn’t also bookmark the full project site and work your way through the interviews in their entirety, Weisberg’s musings, details of her process on this project, and much more about her and her work.

Tobi MattinglyTobi Mattingly is a Chicago-based director, actor, music director, and teaching artist. She is the founder of Artistic Conspiracy, an arts organization dedicated to creating and enabling world-changing theatre. Through this organization, she helps professional theatremakers take control of their theatre careers through learning and balancing artistic craft, bodymind practices, and business/marketing management. Tobi is DirectorLabChicago’s Director of Marketing & Communications, and edits and curates the DLC blog.

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