Day 27: The language of safety and consent

by | Aug 17, 2016

Unless you’ve been on a six-month meditation retreat in Tibet, you’re probably aware of a very important conversation happening in the theatre community the past few months. A conversation about safety and consent and protection.

As directors, we are in one of the most important positions to further these conversations – and, more importantly, these protections. There are many, many articles and ideas and resources we could share on this topic (the same could be said for any of the topics we’ve posted about in our Lab countdown this month). But the one we’ve chosen to share today was published this week on The Clyde Fitch Report, and it examines an unusual – but actually quite legitimate – source of inspiration when talking about consent and safety in the creation of theatre.

You can read the piece, The Theatre Has A Consent Problem, on the Clyde Fitch Report website.

Because directors are so powerfully placed to impact the work environment, DirectorsLabChicago has joined the pilot program of Not In Our House’s Chicago Code of Conduct. We encourage you to follow and learn from the program yourself, even if you’re not currently in the pilot – even, for that matter, if you’re not based in Chicago.

Change is happening. May the language be one of action and not merely discussion.

Tobi MattinglyTobi Mattingly is a Chicago-based director, actor, music director, and teaching artist. She is the founder of Artistic Conspiracy, an arts organization dedicated to creating and enabling world-changing theatre. Through this organization, she helps professional theatremakers take control of their theatre careers through learning and balancing artistic craft, bodymind practices, and business/marketing management. Tobi is DirectorLabChicago’s Director of Marketing & Communications, and edits and curates the DLC blog.

Photo at left by Austin D. Oie.
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