DirectorsLabChicago is pleased to announce our 2017 Lab


Engaging and Challenging a Distracted World

Why this? Why now? Why me? Many of the director’s answers to these questions will be about audience. With attention spans low and a hyper-connected world that has never felt more divided, this Lab will consider our relationship with our audiences and examine our role in guiding them to engage with the work, each other, and our world.

We’ll discuss alterations to the traditional artist-audience contract that open the door to practices like site-specific, immersive, interactive, or educational theatre. Further options for exploration include everything from theatre of the oppressed and ritual/ceremony theatre to prison theatre and agitprop.


The 2017 Lab will be held Sunday, August 20, through Friday, August 25, at the Victory Gardens Theater and other locations around Chicago.


How To Apply

Step One: Register a profile in our online Application Portal.

Step Two: Download the Application Instructions and Application Questions documents and read them thoroughly. Prepare your answers to the essay questions.

Step Three: Copy and paste your answers into your application on the Application Portal.

Step Four: Create a PDF of your directing résumé (saved as FirstnameLastname.pdf) and upload it to your application.

Step Five: Finalize your application. Changes can no longer be made once the application is final.

We strongly recommend editing your essay questions in an external text editor first, and copying them into the Online Application. (Please note that the online system does not allow for markup of any kind, so prepare your answers in plain text with no bold or italics.) You will have the ability to save your in-progress application and come back to complete/update it as many times as you like.

Your application must be finalized before 10:00PM CDT (GMT-5) on Sunday, June 25, 2017. We will notify all applicants of decisions via email no later than Sunday, July 9, 2017.