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International Directors at the Lab

DirectorsLabChicago is committed to building a global community of directors. We believe in the importance of cross-cultural exchange and international artistic collaboration as a means to encourage deeper understanding and connection between the people and world around us. In only eight years, we have had attending directors from Australia, China, Great Britain, Ukraine, Spain, Canada, and from across the United States. This diversity of cultures, perspectives and backgrounds deeply enriches our experience at the Lab. There is a robust exchange of ideas, techniques and new ways of thinking and working. We are always interested in expanding the international focus of the Lab by collaborating with international arts organizations, consulates and globally-minded artists. If you have any questions, suggestions or would like more information about the international emphasis of DirectorsLabChicago, please contact Jenny Montgomery at: jenny@directorslabchicago.com


Dione Joseph: New Zealand / Australia (2012)
Bryce Ives (2013)
Cymbeline Buhler (2014)


Mathilde Schennen: Belgium / US (2014)


Lee Wilson (2006)
Audrey-Anne Bouchard (2008)
Geneviève L. Blais (2009)
Sophie Gee (2009)
Marie-Audrey Désy (2010)
Evan Tsiatsis (2011)
Weyni Mengesha (2012)
Janet Kish (2013)
Mumbi Tindyebwa (2014)


Chao Bian 卞超 (2011)


Stephen Wisker (2006)
Trina Haldar (2007)
Jonathan Man (2007, 2011)
Kazuko Hohki: Japan / England (2007)
William Wong (2007)
Robert Hylton (2008)
Martin Glynn (2009)
Anna Olejnicki (2009)
Gemma Fairlie (2011)
Amy Lewis (2014)
Eleanor Rhode (2014)


Hafiz Karmali: France / US (2014)


Paul Cerny: Germany / US (2006)
Nicole Winkler (2008)
Petra Leonie Pilcher (2011)
Teresa Reiber (2014)


Avivit Shaked (2014)


Mark Webber: US / Mexico (2013)


Angelina Llongueras: Spain / US (2008, 2009)


Masha Kore: Ukraine / US (2008)

* When two countries are listed, the first is the country of birth and the second is the country lived in at the time of Lab attendance.