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DirectorsLabChicago : Where Directors Investigate Together

DirectorsLabChicago offers experiences for professional and emerging stage directors ranging from a week-long intensive Summer Lab to Director/Dramatist Exchanges and Master Classes. We believe in the importance of creating opportunities to foster collaborative relationships among artists on a global scale. We strive to ignite conversations which lead to generating new ideas for the theatre in an ever-changing world. We believe in the necessity of curiosity, collaboration, and experimentation. Welcome to the Lab!


As a result of their experience with the Lincoln Center Theater Directors Lab, Co-Founders Elizabeth Margolius and Karin Shook both felt that Chicago would be an ideal location for directors to gather and collaborate. Their initial announcement to the local theatrical community garnered replies from over 100 emerging and established directors with a wide range of disciplines and backgrounds. Such profound enthusiasm confirmed their suspicions that directors would benefit from a place to meet, work, share ideas, and socialize in Chicago; and so, in July 2005, immediately upon their return from New York, the planning began. DirectorsLabChicago celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2014. [ PerformInk Article 2005 ]

 In 2008, DirectorsLabChicago began a competitive internship program for rising junior and senior college students.